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International Ayurveda Congress: Raffle

Take part in Europe’s biggest Ayurvedic Congress! Groundbreaking researchfindings from more than 40 top Ayurvedic expert speakers. Plus you can win a free congress pass!

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Place your trust in top-class quality. Our products are tested at independent laboratories according to the most up-to-date European standards. Purity and Safety for your well-being.

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Vata Products for the cold season

Ayurvedic products for Vata time

Clear cool winter air and stormy winds – vata dosha increases with cold weather.  Our bodies enjoy warmth and comfort. Feel good this winter with these selected ayurvedic products.


New in the shop: Asafoetida

Do you like Ayurvedic cooking? Then enrich your spice shelf! Asafoetida is the optimal alternative to onions and garlic, delicious and intense. An Ayurvedic cuisine classic, known for its Vata-balancing properties.

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