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Maharishi Ayurveda
Our big Ayurveda Health & Wellnes Day
Our big Ayurveda Health & Wellnes Day
Feel, experience and enjoy Ayurveda.
We’re already looking forward to welcoming you to our Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day and to making this a special day for you.
# We care for you.
For your easy access to the event, we have decided to broadcast the whole day live on our YouTube channel. Click this link and connect with us.
Ayurveda – “science/knowledge of a (long) life” – is considered the world’s oldest and most holistic approach to health and was recognised as traditional medicine by the WHO (World Health Organisation).
This holistic health teaching – Ayurveda – considers life as one whole and combines physical, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects. Its primary goal is to establish harmony of body, mind and spirit, and in so doing to prevent disease or, if necessary, to heal.
What sounds complicated at first is actually quite simple. When we apply even small changes to our daily routine, we do a great deal for our health and wellness. We feel lighter, more alive and powerful.
Our big Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day will give you the opportunity to benefit from Germany’s most well-known and experienced practitioners, to learn some of Ayurveda’s most valuable approaches and discover invaluable tips on how to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life, to improve your sense of well-being and enrich your life.
Supporting people so they can (re)discover their inner balance, good health, energy, joy, happiness and harmony has been the essence of Maharishi Ayurveda for over 35 years.
Some highlights to look forward to
Ayurveda day - Soft Yoga

Relaxing yoga and breathing exercises in the morning for everyone to join in
Ayurveda day - Cooking together

Make a delicious, light Ayurveda lunch meal together with Volker Mehl
Ayurveda day - Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

Learn the basics of ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and immediately feel your own pulse
Ayurveda day - Live concert

Experience the healing sounds of Ayurveda: a top-notch Maharishi Gandharva-Veda live concert will round off this marvellous Ayurveda event
We have also invited amazing guests and guests of honour who will reveal great tips from the Ayurveda treasure chest. And you can ask questions throughout the day using the live chat function.
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THESE Ayurveda experts will guide you through the big Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day
Ayurveda day - Volker Mehl
Come cook with Germany’s most popular Ayurveda chef - Volker Mehl
Volker Mehl has an incredibly skilled, versatile, authentic and warm personality.
Born in Mannheim, Germany, in 1976, Volker Mehl was already playing “restaurant” as a child in his home, cooking for his parents. Today, Volker Mehl is a bestselling author and Yin Yoga teacher. He has written 13 books, with 2 more underway, and has twice won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the “Best Indian Cuisine in Germany” category. His book, co-authored with well-known Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer, quickly became a Spiegel bestseller.
Volker Mehl is in the press, on the radio, TV and Internet, and after many trips and eventful years abroad, he has now returned to his South Hessian home. Together with his wife Anke Pachauer, who is also an author and Yoga teacher, he runs a cooking school and Ayurveda academy in Heppenheim as well as an Ayurveda restaurant in Reichelsheim in the Odenwald.
In his free time, Volker relaxes in nature, taking long walks in the forest, preferably with Anke and their Irish pony Fionn.
In November 2022, Volker launched a unique Germany-wide pilot project in cooperation with the Emmaus Hospice in St. Wendel. It integrates the concept of Ayurveda into both meal preparation and patient care. Twice a week, Volker cooks on site for the guests and takes the time to train the nursing staff in Ayurveda. In addition to the project in St. Wendel, Volker devotes himself to the “Nestwärme” outpatient children’s hospice in Trier. This work is particularly near and dear to him, as his father’s cancer diagnosis in 1990 and subsequent death in 2001 were key moments for him on his personal Ayurveda journey. With his work in these institutions, he seeks to contribute to enhancing the lives of critically ill people and to introduce the concept of Ayurveda in areas he believes are essential.
That’s not all we admire about Volker; we also appreciate how he loves and breathes Ayurveda, and the way he so easily conveys Ayurveda to people in his cheerful, relaxed and down-to-earth manner.
You can look forward to cooking with Volker Mehl on 13 May at our big Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day.

Getting started: Ayurvedic self-pulse reading with Dr. Karin Pirc
Ayurveda day - Frau Dr. Karin Pirc
Ayurveda day - Frau Dr. Karin Pirc

Getting started: Ayurvedic self-pulse reading with Dr. Karin Pirc
Dr. Karin Pirc is the medical director at the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic in Bad Ems. She founded the first Ayurveda clinic in Germany back in 1985, at a time when most Germans did not know of the existence of Ayurveda or what it meant.
Dr. Karin Pirc has long been one Germany’s leading specialists for pulse diagnosis and panchakarma, the ayurvedic cleansing treatment.
She has been repeatedly recognised for her outstanding services; in 2006 she received the “Global Haim Ajmal Khan Award” for the world’s best Ayurveda doctor, and in 2013 she was distinguished with the “International Lifetime Achievement Award”.
Having already written 10 successful books, Dr. Karin Pirc still lives wholeheartedly by Ayurveda. Everyone who gets to know her is impressed by her great depth of knowledge, her charisma, authenticity, boundless vitality, lightness, flexibility, selflessness, willingness to help, and her zest for life. She now has four adult children.
We have no doubt that you will enjoy learning the basics of ayurvedic self-pulse reading with Dr. Karin Pirc, and that it will help you get to know yourself better.
Ayurveda day - Dr. med. Ulrich Bauhofer
The most valuable Ayurveda tips for health and wellness from Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer
Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer is probably the best-known Ayurveda doctor in Germany. He is one of the leading Ayurveda experts outside India and was the first western medical doctor to study Ayurveda with India’s greatest experts.
Dr. Bauhofer has been practicing Ayurveda since 1980, both as chief physician of several clinics and in outpatient care at his Munich practice.
Dr. Bauhofer is also well-known internationally. He gives speeches and seminars on how to manage energy, stress and health. He acts as keynote speaker, conducts seminars for senior executives and is a sought-after health coach in business and professional sport.
Dr. Bauhofer has written six books on Ayurveda and is the president of the German Ayurveda Association - the oldest medical association for ayurvedic medicine outside of India (founded in 1983). He is co-initiator of the Weimar Visions and the Festival of Thought and co-founder of the YOOU brand.
The well-founded, in-depth, empathetic posts on his social media channels are very popular, as evidenced by the several hundred thousand followers.
Dr. Bauhofer captivates his audiences with his remarkable intelligence, his unfailing, exceptionally extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga and philosophy, along with his charm, sense of humour and inherent inspiring positivity.
In his private life, he enjoys spending time with his family.
Dr. Bauhofer has reserved 13 May entirely for you. Get ready for his valuable Ayurveda tips around health and well-being.
Ayurveda day - Aurel Christ
We were able to land Aurel Christ as the charming moderator for our big Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day
Aurel will guide you through the whole day. An Ayurveda practitioner at the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic in Bad Ems and the son of Dr. Karin Pric, he has been intimately familiar with Ayurveda since childhood. Aurel Christ is a medical doctor and has a master’s degree in ayurvedic medicine. He comes with great international medical experience and is really looking forward to meeting you all.
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Experience the healing sounds of Ayurveda – live!
Having Reshma Shrivastava – one of the most famous Gandharva Veda musicians – come to our Ayurveda Health & Wellness Day is a big win for us.

Guided by her father and uncle, Reshma Shrivastava began her lifelong musical journey at the tender age of six. She completed her traditional music training at the prestigious University of Allahabad, in India. She has been a presence on Indian and international stages for over four decades now and is also known on All India Radio, and television. Reshma Shrivastava has received numerous prestigious awards and has been honoured by respected institutions.

Reshma will be playing the best-known Indian string instrument – the sitar – for you, and she will be accompanied by the tampura and tabla, both traditional accompanying instruments.

Nature’s invisible vibrations and changing rhythms are expressed in the melodies of Gandharva-Veda. This traditional knowledge of thousands of years of classical music was originally “seen” by Vedic seers (rishis) in the stillness of their own infinite consciousness. The knowledge was traditionally passed on orally from father to son or from teacher to student. We owe the existence of the few remaining schools to this authentic tradition.


Ayurveda day - Gewinnspiel
Here is where you will experience the magic of Ayurveda
The accredited Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital in northern India is one of the most prestigious Ayurveda clinics in India, with more than 30 years’ experience and partnerships with the country’s main health insurance providers. People from over 100 countries have already enjoyed first-class ayurvedic treatments there.

This is a place where you connect with your inner nature and experience a wonderful balance of body, mind and soul. It is the perfect place to rejuvenate, regenerate and recharge your batteries.

During your Ayurveda treatments, you will be cared for by an in-house team of the most qualified and experienced Maharishi Ayurveda experts (Vaidyas) and regularly trained, highly skilled Panchakarma therapists.

All Ayurveda therapies are carried out in strict adherence to ancient Ayurveda texts and only premium medicated oils and high-quality and effective supplements are utilised – all of which are carefully tailored to your personal Dosha type.

Immerse yourself in this ancient knowledge and experience the healing power of Ayurveda.
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