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Ayurveda products on sale

Some of our most precious Maharishi Ayurveda products at a reduced price.




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Neem Herbal Soap, CNC

Neem Herbal Soap, CNC



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Pastilles for Fresh Breath

Pastilles for Fresh Breath



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Turmeric, ground, organic

Turmeric, ground, organic



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In response to the present particular challenge to our immune system we are offering you a series of suitable products at a special price.

They include:

  • AyurImmune: Traditional formula made from select herbs including neem, tulsi, ashwagandha and guduchi. Tablets as a dietary supplement.
  • Tulsi: The very name of the plant shows its importance, the Sanskrit word meaning "The Incomparable." Holy basil is revered throughout India and described as balancing and strengthening. Ayurveda experts recommend its daily consumption as Rasayana.
  • Neem:  The neem tree is called the "Divine Tree" in classical ayurvedic texts. Its antioxidant as well as pitta- and kapha-balancing properties are especially emphasized.
  • Neem Herbal Soap: Ideal for a thorough cleaning of your hands. Contains 100% natural neem aromatic oil, bergamot and camphor. For all skin types. BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL-certified natural cosmetic.
  • Pastilles for fresh breath: Small, strong & fresh - the original ayurvedic "Pastilles for fresh breath" in a practical dispenser. Contain liquorice, camphor, ginger and menthol.
  • Organic turmeric powder: Praised for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its many positive properties! Turmeric – much more than just a spice!

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Important product information

Some aspects of Ayurveda knowledge are based on principles and perspectives that differ from Western science as we know it, so please read the important information we have compiled to help you.

For a detailed ingredients list and dosage of each product, please look under the specific product or call us: +31-475-529111. We also inform you about the respective best before date.