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Maharishi Ayurveda

Maharishi Ayurveda Care Products - the Royal Path to Natural Beauty and Charisma

The wisdom of Ayurveda opens the door to the actual source of life, the source of all order and harmony, and thus, to natural beauty.

According to Ayurvedic understanding mind and body form an inseparable unit, and therefore also the care of skin and hair are holistically addressed.

Not only, is great emphasis placed on the naturalness of everything used for care, but also, to the realization that true beauty comes from within, and begins with consciousness. True beauty is the expression of a noble mind, it depends on our feelings and thoughts, which shape not only our personality, but also our bodies.

Our senses, the windows of consciousness, can be opened to greater internal order and clarity by sounds, massage, color and shape, balancing fragrances, and Ayurvedic type based diet. Yoga, meditation, and other Vedic technologies of consciousness, enable us to contact the innermost qualities of awareness, and are the fundamental prerequisits for cell rejuvenation and beauty.

For external beauty care, Ayurveda uses organic natural oils, high quality essential oils, along with extracts from precious medicinal plants, combined according to original recipes. The exceptional Maharishi Ayurveda cosmetics and body care line, combines millenia-old knowledge, with the high standard of certified natural cosmetics. All products of the unique Maharishi Ayurveda care concept, are carefully coordinated, and contain an exceptionally high proportion of Ayurvedic plant extracts. The ingredients nourish, refresh and stimulate. The individual plant constituents have a direct effect on the skin, and help it to maintain its own perfect balance.

A basic principle of Ayurvedic Cosmetics is the consideration of individual needs of different skin and hair types. From the Ayurvedic perspective three basic functional principles (doshas) operate in the whole of nature, which we find also in our body and mind. They are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When these are in balance, we are healthy, feel good and our body radiates natural beauty.

These functional principles are present in each of us, but their expression varies individually. Based on the texture of your skin and your hair you can very easily determine which care products are best suited to you. For example, Vata care products are recommended for dry skin.

Choose according to your hair type from our ayurvedic hair care range:

Vata – for normal to dry and brittle hair

Pitta – for thin, fine hair

Kapha – for oily and thick hair

Beauty, Inner Peace and Radiance

Quite naturally our body tries to maintain its own individual balance of the interplay of the three doshas, because this is the source of happiness, poise, energy and beauty. The timeless knowledge of Ayurveda is a valuable tool to  properly tune the symphony of the doshas.

From the perspective of Ayurveda, our body is not a fixed entity, but a flowing system that is continuously changing. Modern science confirms this. Every second, millions of old cells are replaced by new ones. In one year almost all the atoms in our body are replaced. The pattern by which these constant changes occur is determined by our consciousness. The inner intelligence of the human body thus contains the blueprint from which it is composed again and again. Outer beauty is an expression of vital inner beauty. Transcendental Meditation, an ancient Vedic technique of consciousness, is a key to greater inner peace and order. It is easy to learn, easy to integrate into daily life, and yet extremely effective. Modern research has confirmed that regular practice of Transcendental Meditation actually slows the biological ageing process.

Ayurveda & Nutrition

The quality of the food plays an important role in Ayurveda, since all body tissues are formed from it. Food should be fresh, natural and varied, easy to digest and delicious. Strictly following the recipe is less important than recognizing your natural individual needs.

Beauty comes from Within

This age old saying finds a new meaning in the Ayurvedic food supplements. Ointments, lotions and herbs play an important role in personal care and cosmetics. However, the essence of beauty and radiance, in Ayurveda called Prabha, primarily arises from effective functioning of the metabolism. Maharishi Ayurveda health supplements consist of herbal and mineral components and support these functions in a natural way. The secret of their outstanding effectiveness is their special processing and compilation. They balance all doshas and provide the body with essential substances.

In Harmony with the Cosmos

Everything in nature follows certain cycles. So we should also move in natural accordance with the rhythms of nature: Early to bed, about 22:00, and early to rise, is a well known saying not only in Ayurveda. Also the different seasons describe a recurring cycle of change. Our seasonal tips (for spring, summer, autumn and winter) give you further advice on how you can be in tune with these cosmic changes.

Indulge & Enjoy

Ayurveda describes a wealth of applications, which are extremely comfortable, and at the same time promote health and beauty. Special emphasis is layed on a full body oil massage before your morning shower or bath. The Ayurvedic texts say: “The use of oil massage leads to a soft, flexible, strong and attractive body. It is extremely beneficial for the skin and should therefore be carried out regularly.” Try it! Ayurvedic care products made from precious plant extracts support the expression of Prabha, the essence of beauty, and round off your daily beauty plan.

Tips for Natural Beauty

  1. Eat healthy, fresh, nutritious and preferably organic food.
  2. Compliment your food with the appropriate supplements.
  3. Give yourself enough sleep, however, get up early and go to bed early.
  4. Relax on a regular basis. Modern research has shown that the technique of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program are particularly effective for this.
  5. Keep your body fit with exercise, for example, yoga asanas.
  6. Avoid stress, overexertion and exhaustion.
  7. Enjoy the soothing scents of Maharishi Ayurveda Aromatherapy.
  8. Listen to relaxing Maharishi Gandharva Veda music.
  9. Daily – or as often as possible – apply an ayurvedic full body oil massage.
  10. Use Maharishi Ayurveda body care and cosmetic products.