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Maharishi Ayurveda

How Amrit Kalash, 'the nectar of immortality', came into the world.

A short mythical story …

In order to prevent the world being dominated by misfortune and disease, the Devas (positive forces) together with the Asuras (negative forces) decided to churn the ocean of milk, in order to bring forth Amrit, the 'nectar of immortality'. As the ocean eventually began to froth, it brought forth many treasures, until finally Dhanvantari emerged, the protector of Ayurveda, with a Kalash (pot) containing the Amrit.

... with effect right into modern times

The famous myth of the Amrit, as handed down in its completeness in the Vedic Puranas, is an allegorical description of man's path of evolution to self-realisation. According to Ayurveda this is a state of perfect health. It therefore has great significance for the practice of Ayurveda today. It means far more than the absence of disease: in other words, complete balance of mind, body and soul.