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Your Wellness Weight through Ayurveda

Would you like to normalize your weight? Did you try out a few diets, but always loose motivation after a short time? Ayurveda offers you an approach without deprivation and fasting.

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This age-old health science knows that many weight problems are caused by eating habits that do not satisfy the real needs of body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is not necessary to impose too many restrictions. Rather pay attention to the natural needs of your body and eat what is satisfying. Ayurvedic texts say that a good diet brings happiness and satisfaction.

How do I listen to my natural needs?

In our early childhood we mostly felt quite clearly what was right for us – if our parents supported our feelings. But over the years our eating habits get increasingly influenced by media and other external sources. So it may happen that you have an appetite for some particular food without exactly knowing what you really want.

Instead of habitually taking "anything" from the cupboard or refrigerator, at such moments just hold on for a second. You may, for example, first drink a balancing warm beverage, best sip some hot water or Vata tea, and feel inside what would really satisfy you. You might be amazed about what your body tells you. Maybe you get a very different desire from the first one: Perhaps you would rather take a walk, make a visit or something like that.

If you gradually turn back to the signals and real needs of your body, you will not eat things that don‘t satisfy your real hunger and leave you longing for fancy eating experiences, even though your stomach is already full.

So then, how do I feed myself for the best?

So then, how do I feed myself for the best?According to Ayurveda, to eat the right thing in the right amount at the right time and in the right way, can contribute very much to a healthy, vital life and help prevent diseases. Because it supports our natural Dosha Balance which, according to Ayurveda, is the basis for health and well-being *. Unhealthy eating habits, however, lead to imbalance of the doshas, and in return, imbalanced doshas encourage us eat even more unhealthy food.

Therefore in Ayurveda, nutrition (Ahara) is held to be a form of therapy. Food and spices are seen as a key means to bring back and maintain dosha balance. For this everyone needs different food! Conventional dietary recommendations tend to be very general: certain amounts of nutrients are recommended per day, no one should eat too much fat or too many sweets etc. Because the taste and properties of each food have specific effects on the three doshas, Ayurveda advises some dosha types to avoid fat, while recomending healthy fats, such as ghee or olive oil, to other types.

To achieve your ideal wellness weight:

  • Change your eating habits in small steps, do not strain yourself. Even a small change already creates a new situation. Start with things that come easily to you, or that you particularly like.
  • Do not eat too quickly, eat with pleasure and enjoyment. Consciously perceive the taste of food.
  • Try to eat regularly; if possible have a balanced main meal at noon.
  • Discover your individual dietary needs. Our Dosha test will give you an initial assessment of your personal dosha constitution. Our blog post will give you many tips as to which foods are ideal for your dosha constitution type.
  • Ayurveda emphasizes that taste or rasa, is health enhancing. To balance the doshas the six tastes sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent astringent, should be included in every meal – or at least in your daily bill of fare.
  • According to Ayurveda the properties of food, heavy, light, oily, dry, cold, warm, as well as the flavours, balance the doshas through their contrasts. For example,  heavy, oily and warm foods balance Vata; heavy, oily and cold balance Pitta; light, dry and warm balance Kapha.

Is all just a matter of proper diet?

Not necessarily. From the Ayurvedic point of view, weight problems are very often combined with reduced metabolic function, eg. as by undigested waste product build up. Just reducing food intake in this case could further weaken the metabolism. Therefore at the end of the diet, the original weight is usually regained very quickly. So it is important to strengthen digestive power. We do this by the regular daily sipping of hot water, as well as eating light food along with appropriate spices and food supplements.*

How to strengthen your metabolism:

  • During the day regularly sip or drink small quantities of hot water that has been cooked at a rolling boil for 10 minutes. In case you feel hungry take some sips every five minutes.
  • Hot water has properties that balance Vata and Kapha. Pitta people should not drink it too hot.
  • Try our Ayurvedic food supplements, such as Digest Special or our Meda products.
  • It is advantageous to have regular physical activity in tune with your body type, preferably in the morning during Kapha time between 6 and 10 a.m..
  • Why not try the "Garshan massage", a dry rub whole body massage with silk Garshan gloves, which is best performed daily.
  • Also, the beneficial applications of an Ayurvedic cleansing treatment (Panchakarma) can support digestive power and weight loss.

Click here for our blog post "nutrition tips for your dosha type".

* Our food supplements are prepared according to original, millennia-old Ayurvedic recipes from Ayurvedic writings, and have been used successfully since time immemorial. However, they do not purport to be effective in allopathic medicine. For treatment of illnesses please consult a doctor.