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Maharishi Ayurveda

Avoid exhaustion, live energetically

Stress – scarcely any other word describes the lifestyle of today's hectic world more accurately. A permanently overexerted body and mind have practically become the norm for many people. This can lead to a permanent feeling of exhaustion. Often noticed too late, it replaces the 'calm energy', which should actually be our normal experience. That is a state of low tension and high energy which, in Ayurveda, forms the basis for optimism, stamina, success in your actions, as well as feelings of love and happiness.

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By following some simple recommendations of Maharishi Ayurveda, you can avoid the cycle of tension and fatigue, restore your inner balance and remove the most important causes of stress-induced exhaustion.

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, fatigue or burn-out is caused by overuse, misuse or lack of use of the body, mind or emotions.

The first step in correcting stress and fatigue is to determine its cause. Ask yourself if your fatigue is caused by physical, mental or emotional factors. Here are some examples:

Perhaps you are working too hard? Even if your job is easy for you, excessively long working days can exceed your physical and mental powers in the long run and result in fatigue.

Or as an upright and honest person, you find yourself constantly in situations where you feel pressured to do something against your nature and lie. This would be an example of misuse of your mental faculties and could cause you to feel fatigue over time.

A simple example of physical misuse or overuse is doing tasks, which are beyond your physical capability.

The cause of emotional fatigue may be more difficult to ascertain. For example as a perhaps tender and empathetic type you can become overstressed emotionally if surrounded by people who are habitually irritated and angry.

Even lack of use of body, mind and emotions can lead to fatigue. Ask yourself, for example, whether you are getting enough exercise, have a sense of stretching your mind comfortably and feel emotionally balanced.

What's important is to become familiar with your stress-point, in other words up to what point you maintain a sense of well-being and when stress starts for you. Try to find solutions for your fatigue problems by avoiding overuse, incorrect use or no use of the body, mind or emotions.

Fatigue and the balance of the doshas

There is a relationship between the three doshas and the three main causes of fatigue. Overuse, misuse or lack of use of the body, mind or emotions can cause a dosha imbalance. Likewise, a dosha imbalance can be the reason for the state of fatigue.

Maharishi Ayurveda recommendations for dealing with fatigue

Vata-reducing measures are recommended for most types of fatigue:

  • Try to follow a Vata-reducing diet and daily routine
  • Drink Vata Tea and Peace of Mind Tea
  • Go to bed early, avoid mental work right before bed
  • Use different food supplements as recommended by your Ayurvedic doctor

Try to reduce consumption of coffee, cola, caffeinated teas and sleep-inducing drugs to allow your body a natural rhythm of rest and activity.

Allow enough rest in your daily routine, preferably every day. The human body and its nervous system are not designed for constant tension, pressure, speed and agitation. The body needs enough rest to naturally regenerate its energy and vitality.

Incorporate a relaxation technique, such as Transcendental Meditation, in your daily routine. Extensive research has documented the positive effects on the physical and mental well-being.

Avoid reheated or fast food, foods grown with chemical aids or sprayed with pesticides, or packaged, processed and frozen food. They produce ama (metabolic residue deposits, see Note) in the body. Excessive ama is a major cause of all three types of fatigue.

A trained Maharishi Ayurveda doctor will provide you with individual recommendations tailored precisely to your body type and your special dosha situation. The German Ayurveda Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ayurveda) will be able to provide you with a list of Maharishi Ayurveda doctors and alternative practitioners.