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Ayurvedic food supplements

Ayurvedic food supplements

Why they are so important.

Our body is a miracle of nature. Over millions of years a holistic physiology has evolved, which can hardly be surpassed for beauty and perfection. It keeps itself constantly in balance and is able to adapt to outside influences and repair itself. According to the tradition of Ayurveda, humans should be able to live 115 years of age and longer – happily and healthily.

Stress, pollutants and the consumption of heavily processed foods are all on the increase. These influences can overtax the body's ability to repair itself.

The Ayurvedic conception of health and the assumptions about life expectancy and quality of life that follow from it came into being a very long time ago. The amount of pressure was significantly less then, food was natural; body, mind and soul were exposed to fewer problems, stress and foreign material. Today’s fast pace of living, overexertion, industrial foods that are deficient in vital nutrients, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins – all of these factors overtax the limited possibilities of the body to ward off stress and harmful influences according to Ayurvedic understanding. From the perspective of Ayurveda, which dates right back to the time of the Vedic civilisation of India, the conclusion is that nowadays we go out of balance more quickly and age prematurely.

Free radicals – aggressive chaos in the molecular system

The many pressures we are exposed to keep the body's natural defence systems working overtime and promote the formation of oxygen free radicals. Free radicals are a 'sharp weapon' of the immune system, which are very effective at coping with intruders but very harmful when they are in excess and can no longer be kept under control by the relevant substances. Free radicals alter and destroy cell structures irreversibly. According to current medical and scientific knowledge, they play a crucial role in the ageing process and are partly responsible for many common diseases.

Healthy diet – plus antioxidants

Our body is actually well equipped with special enzymes, so-called 'radical scavengers', to protect itself from the destructive fury of free radicals and to render them harmless. Some vitamins, minerals and trace elements, vital substances described as antioxidants, fulfil the same purpose and are therefore considered essential. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium relieve and strengthen the potential of the physiology to repair itself. They are absorbed with food – fresh fruits and vegetables in particular contain a relatively large amount of them – and give outside support to the body in its scavenging of free radicals. Nevertheless, there has been a great increase in pressure on the physiology, from stress and environmental toxicity for example. It is therefore advisable to incorporate regular consumption of health-promoting food supplements that are rich in antioxidants in our diet.