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In good mood & full of drive. An exclusive selection of traditional original recipes, especially recommended by Ayurveda for a balanced wellbeing.
Vata Balance

Vata Balance

MA 1401
Incl. VAT, plus Shipping Cost 50 g / €500.00 pro 1 kg
Pitta Balance

Pitta Balance

MA 323



Incl. VAT, plus Shipping Cost 600 g / €73.67 pro 1 kg
Kapha Balance

Kapha Balance

MA 1402
Incl. VAT, plus Shipping Cost 50 g / €560.00 pro 1 kg

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MA 107
Incl. VAT, plus Shipping Cost 30 g / €1,133.33 pro 1 kg

Start the day in good spirits and full of energy. Enjoy life with a bright mind, vital energy and cheerful mood. This is what health and well-being feels like. Ayurvedic food supplements, with their valuable, natural ingredients, support harmony and balance of body and mind. Here you can find a selection of food supplements based on original traditional formulas, which are especially recommended by Ayurveda for achieving and maintaining balance and well-being.

Important product information

Some aspects of Ayurveda knowledge are based on principles and perspectives that differ from Western science as we know it, so please read the important information we have compiled to help you.

For a detailed ingredients list and dosage of each product, please look under the specific product or call us: +31-475-529111. We also inform you about the respective best before date.