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  • Ayurveda & Joy: 10 Tips for Your Happiness Upgrade!

    Do you sometimes wonder how truly happy you are? In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, it is important to find and cherish moments of happiness. 

    Happiness researchers say that the secret to happiness often lies in the simplest things in life: in family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle. We find this knowledge in the ancient Ayurveda texts too. But how can we rediscover and live simple yet so significant joys in our lives? In this newsletter, we share practical tips that can support your journey to more happiness and satisfaction. 

    Are you ready to take your happiness to the next level? Get inspired by our ideas.

    All the best wishes from 

    Your Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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  • Your Personal Guide for a Vaidya Consultation

    We often receive questions like, "What can I actually expect from a Vaidya consultation?" or "Is this an experience that can truly support and bring me well-being?"
    We are therefore delighted to offer you insight into a traditional Ayurvedic consultation in this blog post. To this end, we conducted an interview with Dr. Archana Munot, our esteemed Ayurveda expert with extensive experience, to competently and empathetically answer your most frequently asked questions about Vaidya consultations.

    Wishing you much joy in reading,

    Your Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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  • “Ask the Vaidya” – Interesting questions and enlightening answers

    Ask the Vaidya - Interesting questions and enlightening answers

    What’s the best position for a good night’s sleep? How can an ayurvedic breakfast help me get a healthy start to my day? What can I do to curb hair loss? – Whatever question is on your mind, our Indian Ayurveda experts, Dr Saurabh Sharma and Dr Rajat Sharma regularly answer all your questions from the Maharishi Ayurveda perspective in our “Ask the Vaidya” feature.

    We’re always impressed by the issues you raise. Here is a selection of some particularly interesting questions and answers, with lots of valuable Ayurveda tips for every day.

    We hope you enjoy them and find a lot of helpful insights for your Ayurveda lifestyle!

    Your Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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  • Spring Cleansing for Body, Mind and Spirit – why it’s so good for you

    YouTube Webinar: Ayurveda wellness- and purification treatments at home

    Ayurvedic at-home programme for wellness and cleansing

    It was an annual ritual for our mothers and grandmothers: a thorough spring cleaning after winter had passed. In China, dirt is considered a hiding place for demons and a symbol of all the troubles of the past year—so apartments are thoroughly cleaned in the days leading up to the Spring Festival.

    Giving your house a deep clean and decluttering closets, cellars, and storage spaces symbolises new beginnings. You unburden yourself of things that no longer belong to you and your life.

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  • A holistic approach to mental health - based on principles of Maharishi Ayurveda

    YouTube Webinar: A holistic approach to mental health - based on principles of Maharishi Ayurveda

    – with 10 tips for living a happier and healthier life

    Mental health is essential for living a fulfilled, happy, healthy life. So how can we best support our mental health?

    Dr Robert Schneider (USA) shared with us some time ago his “7 secrets for a long and healthy life” and we are now exploring with him how the age-old ayurvedic knowledge about (long) life can help us achieve and maintain really good mental health. We put the following questions to him:

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  • Naturally beautiful hair with Ayurveda

    YouTube Webinar: Naturally Beautiful Hair – the Best Hair Care Tips for Every Dosha Type


    Women in particular want to have strong, thick, healthy and shiny hair, but the topic of hair health is just as relevant for men. Beautiful, shiny hair is not only attractive; it also reflects good health, helps to create a positive mood and encourages us to behave more confidently.

    Our hair is exposed to a whole host of challenges during our lifetime, from sun and seawater to hormonal changes and stress. You can contribute a lot to beautiful, sleek hair with the right care and dosha balance.

    We’ll reveal the most effective Ayurveda tips for wonderfully healthy hair, hair growth and care and protection against hair loss, and we’ll also show you in detail how to perform a soothing and effective ayurvedic head massage on yourself.

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  • Ayurveda for Restful Sleep

    YouTube Webinar: Ayurveda for Restful Sleep

    Restlessness, too much input, stress, the feeling of a “heavy stomach” – these are just a few of the many reasons why we don’t sleep well or feel rested in the morning. Often, the reasons for poor sleep can be traced back to our daily, familiar routine. Ayurveda expert Dr. Saurabh Sharma explains how Ayurveda can help individuals with sleep problems optimise their routine. He also shares tips specific to each dosha type on how to sleep better. Dr. Sharma says: Continue reading

  • Emotional Balance – Basis for Health & Wellbeing

    YouTube Webinar: Emotional Balance – Basis for Health & Wellbeing

    Imagine starting each day feeling happy and in a good mood, being in touch with ourselves and aware of our own inner voice? Imagine remaining calm and positive in every situation and being in harmony with our own feelings - in short: Imagine feeling great all around and healthy in body and mind?
    We will share the best tips from our Ayurveda experts Dr. Richa Shrivastava and Vaidya Dr. Saurabh Sharma on how to maintain (or even regain) your inner balance. Continue reading

  • Ayurveda for women – The best tips for all phases of life

    YouTube Webinar: Ayurveda for women – The best tips for all phases of life

    A woman’s body experiences challenges at different stages in life – from menstrual cycles through to pregnancy and menopause – those hormonal influences can be more than a little stressful.

    How can Ayurveda help women enjoy their womanhood freely and fully and to experience optimism, wellbeing, serenity and zest for life throughout all phases of life? Continue reading

  • Minerals – in Good Hands with Ayurveda

    YouTube Webinar: Minerals - In good hands with Ayurveda

    Iron, calcium & Co

    Do you know? What exactly are minerals? Why are they important, and what are they good for? What can you do to make sure that you are getting the right amount of these nutrients? Which foods contain minerals, what minerals are described in Ayurveda – and what is their natural origin? Why is the processing of minerals as you see it described in such great detail in ayurvedic texts so important and elaborate? In this article we will take a closer look at all this and much more.
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