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Nutritional tips for your dosha type


How can we enjoy every meal without restriction, thus feel good and happy– and just through this achieve normal weight? According to Ayurveda the key to this is in choosing the right foods and spices. Below we present you the main recommendations for each individual type.

In our brochure "Your Wellness Weight through Ayurveda" we introduced you to the best ayurvedic tips and strategies for healthy nutrition. While conventional dietary recommendations are often very general, in Ayurveda the optimal choice of food is a question of your individual dosha type, which you can determine in our dosha test. And so with a little basic knowledge you can support your dosha balance –which according to Ayurveda is the basis for health and well-being.

Achieve your individual dosha balance with proper nutrition

Ayurvedic dietetics holdsthat the properties of food (heavy – light, oily – dry, cold – warm) balance the doshas by their opposite qualities. For example, heavy, oily and warm balance Vata; heavy, oily and cold balance Pitta; light, dry and warm balance Kapha. This is already a good basis for making decisions about your daily nutrition plan. In addition, each of your meals should contain the six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent) – or each of them at least once per day.

Generally Ayurveda recommends a vegetarian diet. Therefore, the consumption of animal protein should be minimal if possible, and should be especially avoided in the evening, because it is hard to digest. Vegetable protein is particularly rich in cereals and legumes.

Choose foods that support your body type. Are you a mixed dosha type? Then prefer foods that support your dominant dosha. Compile your menu plan in a relaxed and easy way. Food should be enjoyable and give good feelings.

Below we will introduce you to some dosha-specific nutritional advice.

Nutritional tips for your dosha type (pdf download)

You will also find a detailed list of dosha type specific foods in the book "Ayurveda für jeden Tag" by Dr. med. Ernst Schrott (currently only available in German).

Suitable recipes, including information on how they affect the three doshas, can be found in the cookbook "Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda" by Frank Lotz.



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