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Ayurveda Cooking Event: "Mood barometer on Happy"


“Just ‘let it happen’”, said Jeanette Augusto to herself on her way to see Frank Lotz in Westfalia, Germany. “I’m in a good mood, get along with anyone and anything so to speak, and it will be super”. The state-certified gymnastics teacher and yoga instructor was drawn at the last MAP lottery. The prize: cooking and eating a meal together with Ayurvedic chef Frank Lotz. The original winner, Tanja Beratz, was unable to redeem her prize due to her pregnancy.

When she won, Jeanette Augusto felt "pure joy. From the bottom of my heart, I just felt happy! My thoughts were coming direct from my hear. " Together with her mother Anne, and girlfriend Sonka, they travelled at the end of May to this wonderful Ayurvedic cooking event.

The event took place in Frank Lotz’s home, who was personally guiding his guests with joy, experience and warmth through the day. Together they prepared a delicious Ayurvedic "Gala Menu", composed by Frank just for this special event.


„"The ladies brought with them a good mood which impressed me immediately.  The 'right' people came to my house. It was a wonderful day", said Frank.

In addition to cooking, the experienced Ayurvedic chef (who by the way, also offers training courses for hotels and caterers, as well as cooking classes), answered a lot of questions from his attentive listeners and revealed important principles about Ayurveda, known as the "science of life", and Ayurvedic cooking. For example, one should always be eating the right things for each season. In spring the food should be light. In summer, the diet should have a cooling effect, and in fall and winter it should be warming. The Vata body type requires more "oily" nutrition, and those who are more Pitta types need "cooling" - that doesn't mean necessarily eating something cold, rather eating specific foods in order to reduce internal heat. Kapha types need to have some "movement". One should cook according to body type, in accordance with the season, and food should be light and easily digestible.

Here you’ll find more diet tips for your Dosha type

On the menu was papadums with cucumber raita, dal, tomato chutney, cauliflower curry, and mango lassi. The crowning glory was a "Heavenly Cream Shri Kandt" (here you’ll find the recipes). The culinary delight continued long afterwards. "Every cell in my body danced and said, 'mmmmmm'", Jeanette Augusto smiled. "Super, super delicious, and a wonderful experience. We feel we received a wonderful gift."


"The impression stayed all through the next day and remains with me still", wrote Jeanette, in an enthusiastic e-mail. "Everyone there was friendly - really, a wonderful team. Actually, it is indescribable: heartfelt, delicious, tasty, instructive, pure pleasure and a desire for more ... just heavenly. The ‘mood barometer’ was on "happy!"

We've placed a video (in German language) on YouTube showing a collection of the best moments and information from this special event.

Maybe you, too, would like to invite a few guests to an Ayurvedic cooking event at your home. It’s very easy: many delicious recipes and tips can be found in the cookbook “Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda” by Frank Lotz.

Or, book a cooking course for you and your friends and experience an incomparable day with Frank Lotz (at his home).

Please write to us. We are happy to hear from you and to help you with your plans.

Your Maharishi Ayurveda-Team



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