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Interview with the winner of the London trip

Winner with partner and Mrs Buchzik in London

This time, Nicoletta Czechowska won the jackpot of our contest. As the winner of our trip to London, she was able to attend the 2nd International Ayurveda Congress. We asked her about her experiences and impressions before and after the Congress.

Interview Part 1 (before the Congress)

Q: Welcome to London, Mrs. Czechowska. Congratulations again on winning the contest. How did you originally come to hear about Ayurveda? Have you known it for long?

A: We met an ayurvedic doctor from India in Poland who, in the past, once helped me with a health issue. Since then, Ayurveda has somehow always “been there”.
We then tried to purchase high-quality Ayurveda products in Germany. That is how I discovered Maharishi Ayurveda. Maharishi Ayurveda products are available in health-food shops, where I’m used to shop. That is how we gradually began to use the brand. The quality quickly convinced us.

Q: What part of Ayurveda is most important for you? What do you value most about this ancient health system?

A: It is so old and, therefore, tried and tested that it always works. This is very different from Western medicine where, in my opinion, there is quite a lot of testing.
Ayurveda is comprehensive, yet also simple. Even spices, such as turmeric, have an effect.

Q: Do you have an Ayurveda tip of your own for our clients?

A: There are so many little things that are effective, such as waking up before 6 a.m. It’s hard to imagine it, but if you try it for only one week or even a few days, you will notice the difference.
Just see what works for you and what benefits you.
Or cooking with spices – that makes a big difference. Not just salt and pepper, but experimenting with what spices you cook with. And then not simply one spice, but six. Then you will notice very quickly that your digestion is better or that you feel better – and in the end, it tastes better. You feel more satisfied at the end of the meal without having the feeling that something is “missing”, and still being hungry for chocolate or chips.

Q: What was it like when you first heard that you won the trip? Describe this moment.

A: I was in the health-food store when the phone rang. I couldn’t believe it. I had never won anything, and suddenly someone was calling from a Dutch number and saying that I had won a trip to London for the 2nd International Ayurveda Congress. I was so excited. It happened in January and the year had just begun. It was a great start to the new year.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: Tomorrow we are going sightseeing and then we are looking forward to the Congress starting on Saturday. We chose the subjects in the parallel events that especially interest us. We will definitely also attend the concert on the evening of the first night.

Winner with partner in London

Interview Part 2 (near the end of the Congress)

Q: The 2nd International Ayurveda Congress is coming to an end. What did you like in particular?

A: Overall, we really liked London and the Congress. Thank you again for everything. As a microbiologist, the links between ancient traditions and the newest scientific studies especially impressed me because this shows that Ayurveda really works – and not only in old books, but today in labs and hospitals.

Q: Were there any people who impressed you?

A: Oh yes, very many. We also really enjoyed the presentations about yoga and Ayurveda.

Q: Is there anything that especially impressed you?

A: It was particularly impressive to see how people work together when it is for the common subject of “Ayurveda”. The sometimes quite controversial discussions were always carried out in a very pleasant manner. We thought it was remarkable to see that variations are possible and not everything is set in stone, and that people still treated each other positively.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere of the Congress?

A: Very warm-hearted, at times even intimate. I had the feeling that most of the people knew each other and that new participants were warmly integrated.

Q: Do you think it’s worth it to come back? In two years, the Congress will take place in Brazil.

A: If it’s possible, for sure!

Q: Was much of what you saw, heard and learned at the Congress new to you?

A: We were familiar with some of it, but definitely learned a lot of details. For us it was especially nice to encounter international cultures.

Q: What would you like to tell people who couldn’t attend this year?

A: That it’s totally worth it to share your experiences with other people. It’s worth it not to sit at home in your practice, but instead share with one’s colleagues.

Q: Thank you. We really enjoyed welcoming you here. We hope you have a good trip home.

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  • The great story, the great interview.
    It's nice to share it. Thank you.

    Congratulation to Nicoletta!

    Success and the best to MAV Europe.

    Slavica V. Vukanic

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