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Ayurveda: Your Companion in Turbulent Times

Ayurveda: Your Companion in Turbulent Times

Developing New Potential Now

Everything is different this year. How are you doing in this time of unprecedented challenge?

More than ever before we are starting to realise how much we’ve been taking for granted in life: travelling, culture, restaurants, movie theatres, moving around freely in public, hugging, chatting with neighbours — in short, everything that makes up our daily life and our social connectedness.

We are appreciating all of this so much more now.

Many people are starting to develop a new sense of togetherness; the support they give each other provides stability, they report. Many are coming up with new creative ideas and solutions.

We are most creative when we are calm and relaxed because our brain works better in that state. We all know this, and science confirms this. So, how can we manage to keep calm even in times of crisis?

Breathe your way to calmness

What is especially important now: yoga, meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), remaining centred and in the now. And to do this consciously and with your undivided attention.

In our YouTube webinar “Inner Balance: Basis for Health & Well-being“ our Ayurveda expert Vaidya Dr. Saurabh Sharma demonstrates a traditional yoga breathing exercise that strengthens the lungs and the heart, improves digestion, and purifies the nervous system, all of which has a positive effect on our energy level.


Take time — especially now — to go outside when you can. Exercise and sunlight are good for us now.

Digital detox

Of course it is important to stay informed and get factual information, but try not to spend too much time dwelling extensively on negative videos or rumours. A good approach would be to inform yourself at specific times during the day, and for a limited amount of time.

Staying connected

Social connections are incredibly important especially now. We can communicate with each other via telephone or the Internet — and perhaps even use this time to connect with people we have not been in touch with for a long time.

Learning about Ayurveda

Maybe you will have time during this phase to learn about Ayurveda, to embark on a healthier lifestyle, and to adopt the ayurvedic daily routine, which involves self-massage (abhyanga) in the morning. Perhaps you could use this time to follow other Ayurveda recommendations, use Ayurveda nutrition tips to adjust your diet and try new recipes, and to generally deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda.

Staying positive

As much as possible, stay positive, keep up hope and keep calm.

Please take good care of yourselves. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your family good health and that you may find a good way for yourself and your loved ones to navigate these difficult times.

Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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