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Maharishi Ayurveda

Dr. Ernst Schrott

Tribute to Ernst Schrott, MD
5.1.1951 – 22.10.2021

On 22 October we had to say goodbye to our great friend, the wonderfully gifted Ayurveda expert Dr Ernst Schrott who passed away unexpectedly during his morning meditation.

We still cannot find the right words for this immense loss or to express the deep gratitude we feel.

Dr Schrott was a lovable, warm-hearted and intuitive friend, subtle thinker and partner, always confident, positive and cheerful. He was also an esteemed, caring, outstanding doctor and wise vaidya, brilliant teacher, loving family man, artist, musician – his heart went out to all in need.

He was always there for his patients and fellow human beings, always going the extra mile; no effort was spared when it came to helping others.

Collage Dr. Ernst Schrott

He worked tirelessly for the health and well-being of others, presented Maharishi Ayurveda in professional circles and to the public, trained hundreds of doctors, wrote over 20 books – all the while remaining natural, authentic and true to his own roots and to Vedic knowledge. Through his publications, lectures and trainings, he has opened the door to Ayurveda for countless people and helped them achieve holistic health.

Recipient of many awards for his outstanding knowledge and teachings, Dr Schrott was a founding member of the German Society of Ayurveda (1983), the first ayurvedic medical association outside India, and a committed, creative board member until his death. Together with Dr Wolfgang Schachinger he founded the German Ayurveda Academy and was also Co-Department Head of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International for several years.

His unique insights and publications in the fields of Marma Therapy and Dravyaguna, the ayurvedic phytotherapy, will continue to fascinate the professional world and help many people achieve better health.

We feel profound regard, unending gratitude and affection. Dr Schrott was loved and revered everywhere.

We thank him for his tireless efforts, his outstanding wealth of knowledge, his loving, cheerful, optimistic, friendly and competent personality in every situation; and for being a loyal, honest friend and partner.

We will never forget Dr Ernst Schrott.


For all those who knew and loved Ernst, and who could not be there in person, here is a recording of the memorial service that took place on 5 November 2021.