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Maharishi Ayurveda

Unlock the Secrets to your Health with Personalized Ayurvedic Advice

Our Maharishi Ayurveda expert (Vaidya) will read your pulse and advise you on the best diet and health routine.


A 30-minute personal/online consultation with the Vaidya helps you with

Ayurvedic diet that
is optimal for you

How to balance your doshas
(3 Principles of Physiology)

Tips for inner
balance and well-being

Pulse Diagnosis
(Nadi Parikshan)

Vaidya Consultation
– what to expect?

Ayurveda is universally applicable, and people of all age groups, cultures, and lifestyles can benefit from this precious health system.
In a traditional Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, three fingers are applied to the pulse. Systematic analysis of the pulse gives an ayurvedic doctor (Vaidya) valuable indications of possible disturbances and imbalances in the way the doshas interact.

The 30-minute consultation will include:

  • Detailed analysis and assessment of your health.
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and your dosha (3 Principles of Physiology that forms the basic framework of an individual).
  • Nutrition and lifestyle plan.

30 mins
pulse diagnosis
Ayurveda advice on site

Get a customized pulse diagnosis to know your health better and live a more fulfilling life.

€ 120.00


Online advice

If you can't physically come for a consultation, you can book an online consultation.

You can also use this as a follow up with our expert Vaidya.

€ 90.00


Your Personal Guide for a Vaidya Consultation

We often receive questions like, "What can I expect from a Vaidya consultation?" or "Is this an experience that can truly support and bring me well-being?"
We are therefore delighted to offer you insight into a traditional Ayurvedic consultation. An interview with Dr. Archana Munot, answers the most frequently asked questions about Vaidya consultations.