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Mixed dosha types

Mixed dosha types

Do you have two dominant doshas? If so, you will possess the particular talents and skills of both doshas –Pitta and Kapha, Vata and Pitta or Vata and Kapha. The dominant dosha will be the one that features first in the Ayurvedic type description. For example, Vata is the dominant dosha in a Vata/Pitta type whereas Pitta is dominant in a Pitta/Vata type.

Mixed forms consisting of two doshas (Bidosha types) are found relatively frequently, whereas very few people display characteristics of all three doshas in similar or equal proportion (Sama/Tridosha type).

The characteristics of the doshas and their weighting determine which Ayurveda tips will be particularly relevant for you. We recommend that you read the recommendations for your dominant doshas and focus particularly on the tips relating to the dosha that features first so that you can bring it back into balance.

Vata/Pitta or Pitta/Vata

Vata/Pitta and Pitta/Vata types have a similar physical build to pure Vata types. However, they may be stronger and more muscular depending on the Pitta proportion. They are generally athletic, physically and mentally alert and highly communicative. They are friendly and chatty and can be extremely ambitious. They have a sharp, focused intellect and more endurance, energy and assertiveness than the Vata constitution type.

The Pitta proportion also creates greater stability, stronger digestion and more regular stools. Cold is tolerated better than with a pure Vata constitution. Problems are solved with enthusiasm.

Thanks to their skills, Vata/Pitta and Pitta/Vata types can achieve a great deal if they look after themselves properly. People with this kind of constitution should pay attention to their lifestyle and make sure that they allow themselves sufficient time to recuperate. Otherwise they will quickly tire themselves out. The ayurvedic recommendations for both types, particularly for the type that features first, help to maintain balance and achieve quick recuperation.

Vata/Kapha or Kapha/Vata

Vata/Kapha and Kapha/Vata-Typen combine characteristics that are expressed differently in different areas and which can bring out particularly fascinating personalities.

Vata/Kapha types tend to have slim, wiry builds, though not as pronounced as a pure Vata type. However, their temperament is very different from that of Vata types, who are constantly on the go. The Vata/Kapha mixed type is considerably more balanced and radiates inner stability and strength.

The Kapha proportion has a calming effect. In other words, Vata/Kapha and Kapha/Vata types are quick and efficient when it comes to action, but otherwise display a calm, relaxed nature and remain “cool” thanks to the presence of Kapha.

However, digestion can be irregular or slow and cold is not well tolerated.

On a physical level Kapha can provide stability, endurance and energy, which a “pure” Vata type may not possess, the result being that this kind of dosha mix can successfully implement many creative ideas (Vata). Conversely, the Vata proportion can create a certain liveliness and vibrancy, where a dominant Kapha dosha would tend towards listlessness.

Pitta/Kapha or Kapha/Pitta

Pitta/Kapha and Kapha/Pitta types combine clear-sightedness, clarity, analytical and structured action with the stability, patience and serenity of Kapha. They are more muscular than Pitta or Vata types, strongly built and generally robust. A larger share of Kapha can give these types a rounder appearance with a higher proportion of body fat in relation to muscle. This constitution is particularly beneficial for athletes, as Pitta produces energy and fire, whilst Kapha provides endurance.

If the Kapha proportion is particularly high, this can reduce motivation for training. Pitta/Kapha and Kapha/Pitta types may find it difficult to skip a meal.

Armed with the robustness and energy reserves of Kapha, people with a high Pitta proportion are able to pursue their goals successfully over long periods.

Pitta & Kapha: a mix that creates stories of success.


Vata-Pitta-Kapha (Tridosha/Sama dosha)

Anyone who is born with a Tridosha constitution can enjoy an unusually balanced ratio and the best characteristics of all three dosha types.

When all three doshas are balanced or brought into balance, this synchronicity in the doshas produces enormous stability and flexibility.

However, as is the case for all the other Ayurvedic types, this dosha type should also take care to maintain this personal dosha balance throughout his or her life and take action if one of the three doshas falls out of balance.