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Pitta Type

Pitta type

“Ms. & Mr. Perfect”

Pitta types attract many admiring looks with their athletic build and charisma. The fiery Pitta endows them with lots of spirit and a great digestive system. Pitta types have huge potential and a high-performance capacity and often find themselves in positions of leadership. However (or perhaps precisely because of this) they need to take care of themselves ...

Athletic build

Pitta types tend to have athletic or wiry bodies and are generally of medium height. They often have distinctive facial features with a high forehead and glowing, sparkly eyes.

Rosy complexion & reddish-blonde hair

Pitta types typically have blonde or red hair which tends to be fine or light and can turn grey early. Their skin generally benefits from good circulation, which is what gives Pitta types their rosy complexion. Other than that, their skin is often marked with freckles, is generally fair and therefore sensitive. Pitta types tend to perspire easily due to their high fire.

Metabolism & digestion – Pitta is in its element here

Pitta is responsible for digestion and metabolism. Pitta types therefore generally benefit from strong Agni (see note). They like to eat large quantities and generally tolerate all kinds of food. The people around them are sometimes amazed by how soon after a meal they feel hungry again. On the other hand, they can become easily irritable if a meal is late or missed altogether. Set mealtimes are particularly important for this Ayurvedic type.

Bright eyes & keen look

The most important sense for Pitta types is sight. Their bright eyes and keen look are often particularly striking.

Precise, spirited & freedom-loving

Pitta-dominant people are, on the one hand, emotional and spirited and, on the other, highly organised, neat and well structured. They are both ambitious and decisive. In conversations they very quickly get to the point. Their precise way of speaking and charisma make Pitta types particularly good speakers. People with a pronounced Pitta dosha are extremely independent and also need plenty of freedom.

Professions in which Pitta types can realise their talents

Pitta types display great charisma and independence, which they are able to explore to their fullest thanks to their ambitious nature. Pitta-dominant people are therefore often self-employed or may be found working in politics or leadership positions. Their organisational talent, analytical skills and capacity for decision-making serve them particularly well in these roles.

Possible downside to excess Pitta

If Pitta gains the upper hand too often, the person’s love for order can translate into perfectionism and dogmatism. Typical signs of excess Pitta include impatience, irritability and outbursts of anger. In contrast to Vata-dominant people, the Pitta type finds it easy to fall asleep but wakes up more frequently during the night and may not be able to get back to sleep. Physical indications of a Pitta disruption include skin rashes and inflammation.

With their love of order and high aspirations, Pitta types have a tendency to ask too much of themselves. It is particularly important for them to keep an eye on their energy reserves and try to maintain a healthy balance.

Tips for pitta types

Being kind to yourself – 10 Ayurveda tips for the Pitta type

  1. Nutrition: people with high Pitta proportion should stick to fixed meal times as much as possible.
  2. The right food: well-cooked foods with cooling properties are ideal for Pitta types, and ghee supports their dosha balance.
  3. The right spices: in terms of spices, Pitta types should opt particularly for sweet, bitter and pungent flavours. Mild spices such as fennel, coriander, cardamom, cumin, turmeric, cloves, saffron, cinnamon and Pitta Churna are ideal.
  4. Drinking: Pitta types should always drink plenty of water (if possible at room temperature rather than cold) to balance out their fiery Pitta. Pitta tea cools from within.
  5. Warmth: fiery Pitta types should avoid excess heat and should stay in the shade in the summer. If they do get too hot, they can cool down with lukewarm water in the form of a bath or a drink.
  6. Fragrances: sweet, cooling fragrances dampen down excess Pitta. Aroma oils containing rose oil, mint and sandalwood are particularly suitable as room fragrances.
  7. Colours: cool, muted, calming, soft, gentle, earthy colours support the dosha balance of Pitta types. These may include blue, grey and white.
  8. Oil massages: people with a pronounced Pitta dosha respond particularly well to regular oil massages with warm coconut oil or Pitta Massage Oil.
  9. Daily rhythm: it is particularly important for Pitta types to go to bed at a good time (before 10 p.m.) and to maintain a good work-life balance. Yoga, Pranayama (Yoga breathing exercises) and meditation are particularly helpful in this respect.
  10. Leisure: walks in the forest or by rivers or lakes and light, funny entertainment are particularly beneficial for Pitta types. They should also make sure to factor in regular recovery periods in everything they do, both at work and during their leisure time.

You can find further tips on the best nutrition to suit your type in our article entitled “Ayurveda tips on nutrition and diet”.


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