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Maharishi Ayurveda

Probiotic lassi – ayurvedic fitness drink for a healthy gut

Lassi is the simplest and best ayurvedic probiotic! We will explain to you what makes lassi so valuable and how you can make lassi yourself using a simple method.

An exquisite product classic with a new design

Enjoy our original ayurvedic spiced tea recipes and their soothing effect on your dosha balance.

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Vata Churna organic

Vata Churna organic



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Out of stock

Digest Special

Digest Special



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Pitta Body Lotion, CNC

Pitta Body Lotion, CNC



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Organic single herbs



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Ayurveda – your supporting companion in turbulent times.


How do we manage to keep calm, to stay relaxed and present? Is it possible to develop new potential?


Our pledge of quality

Discover the original and most holistic form of Ayurveda in products of premium quality:

  • authentic formulas & traditional production
  • purest raw materials from certified sustainable & natural sources – since 1987
  • certified state-of-the-art production facilities
  • subject to strict quality controls in European laboratories
  • Our food supplements have received the AYUSH Premium Mark award.
  • BDIH/COSMOS ORGANIC/NATURAL-certified cosmetics

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