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We will support you in your endeavours to be more active and improve your fitness in the New Year. Suitable to your constitution, and stress-free: the best ayurvedic exercise and fitness tips.

Discover the whole world of Ayurveda

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Discover the whole world of Ayurveda

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Achieving your feel-good weight with Ayurveda

Ayurveda’s approach doesn’t require austerity and fasting.

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Ayurvedic products for each type

Vata Products

Vata Products

Warming and balancing, good for stress, pressure, and travel.

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Pitta Products

Pitta Products

Cooling and soothing. Excellent in summer.

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Kapha Products

Kapha Products

Warming and stimulating. Ideal in cold, damp weather.

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Fitness Exclusive Tea

Healthy fitness drink – refreshingly different

€5.99 €4.79

Organic Almond Drink

Pure enjoyment: refine your drinks, dessert and muesli

€8.50 €4.25

Good Night Tea

Restful sleep: enjoy a cup of this mildly spicy tea

€4.49 €2.24

Sport Rasayana, organic

For athletic and active people – contains amla

€20.99 €16.79

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