Kapha Aroma Oil
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Kapha Aroma Oil

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When winter goes and spring comes along, that's when Kapha season begins. Many people feel dull and lethargic at this time. They are tired, unfocused, depressed and their circulation could do with some stimulation. Typical signs of the so-called 'spring fatigue'.

The yearning for sunshine and warmer temperatures is great. However, mind and body need time to adjust. With a balanced composition of eucalyptus, frankincense, camphor and other fragrances, this aroma oil supports the harmonisation of the previously heavy Kapha dosha. It is especially recommended therefore in spring and for people with a predominance of Kapha. For inner balance and the best possible start to the most beautiful time of the year!

In order to unfold the full effect of this beneficial fragrance, we recommend using an aroma burner or lamp or aroma stone. 2 or 3 drops are enough.


100% Natural Essential Oils for Aroma Diffusers.

Contains Linalool, Limonene.
Can cause allergic reactions.

General advice required by law:

Harmful if swallowed.
Swallowing can cause lung
When swallowed avoid
vomiting, seek immediate
medical help and show
Avoid contact with eyes and
mucous membrane.
Keep out of the reach of
Harmful, inflammable.

Greates an enliven ing and
refreshing atmosphere. For an
energizing start to your day
and to cheer you up.



Fankincense, Rosemary, Camphor Gum tree, Levender.

100% Natural Essential Oils.

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