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Moving with Joy – Ayurveda for Bones & Joints

YouTube Webinar: Moving with Joy – Ayurveda for Bones & Joints

Bones & Joints accordig to Ayurveda

Ayurveda distinguishes seven body tissues, the so-called dhatus. One of these is the bone tissue, the asthi dhatu, which gives our body structure, stability, and strength.

To have strong and resilient bones we must have a well-balanced digestive fire (agni). This digestive fire ensures that we effectively absorb and utilise calcium and phosphorus – both essential nutrients for our bones.

Unfortunately, this process does not always work as it should. In addition, because of the hormonal transition women and men undergo starting at the age of 50, the absorption of calcium and phosphorus can be impaired, and an adequate supply of these essential nutrients cannot always be guaranteed.

We can counteract this with nutrition suitable to our dosha type, a balanced daily routine and sufficient exercise.

We invite you to learn more on this topic in our newsletter, as well as in this webinar “Moving with Joy – Ayurveda for Bones & Joints“.


As Ayurveda explains, the food we ingest is processed by “agni” (digestive fire). However, when the digestive fire is dull or disturbed, the process of digestion is incomplete, and according to Ayurveda, this generates waste products (ama). As a result, nutrients cannot contribute towards tissue growth, and ama can settle into our joints, causing long-term strain.

That is why it is all the more important to choose fresh, whole foods, ideally organic, and a primarily plant-based diet, and to take care of our agni through proper nutrition.

This is especially important for Kapha types whose digestive fire is less strong and also for Vata types whose agni is variable. They should therefore not consume too much cheese, milk and yoghurt. Likewise, for these types, moderation is advised regarding cold and sour foods.

Internal cleansing

In order to produce as little ama as possible, to promote the elimination of ama and to relieve the strain on the digestive system you can also:

  • from time to time have a liquid day (warm beverages and soups, for example a rice soup with mung dal; juices)
  • fast intermittently, by eating dinner early and then not eating again until breakfast the next day and, once you are comfortable with this, on occasion not eating again until lunch at noon the next day.
  • do a targeted series of Ayurveda cleansing treatments (Panchakarma).

Panchakarma is particularly recommended if you are prone to arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism. Give it a try when you get a chance.

External care

An important part of the ayurvedic daily routine is self-massage with oil. Abhyanga cleanses and nourishes, all in one.

Use oil that is tailored to your dosha type, and give special attention to your joints during your daily massage. In addition, you can apply the refreshing Maharishi Ayurveda Balm or “AyurFlex” massage oil to your joints.

Gentle exercise – Yoga & more

Regular exercise suited to your type strengthens your musculoskeletal system, improves digestion and relaxes you. Targeted stretching keeps muscles and fascia supple and flexible.

When we move, we feel our own body; through movement, we are able to discover and expand our body’s potential. Yoga is ideal for bringing your body into harmony with nature.

Tip: start the day with a morning sun salutation. This simple exercise activates your whole body – from head to toe. “Suryanamaskar” loosens tensions and energizes; the body becomes more flexible, powerful, and strong. Moreover, this series of yoga exercises has a positive effect on your emotions and your weight. Start with one or two sets and gradually add more as you wish and are able to. Enjoy the wonderfully relaxed feeling after your exercise and allow yourself to rest on your back for a few minutes.

You’ll find additional yoga tips on our website.  
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