• “Abhyanga” – the secret of ayurvedic oil massage

    Oil massage

    There is a reason why the Abhyanga oil self-massage has been an integral part of the ayurvedic daily morning routine for thousands of years. The whole-body massage with warm, cured sesame oil is not only the epitome of relaxation, it also strengthens the immune system and has a purifying and liberating effect on body and mind. Continue reading

  • Gift Ideas That Will Bring Joy

    Gift ideas

    Are you still looking for the right gift for your loved ones? This blog will give you plenty of suggestions from the world of Ayurveda – for relaxing, pampering, and for simply being happy. Continue reading

  • Ayurvedic Daily Routine – Living in a Healthy Rhythm

    Daily routine Header

    The most important goal of Ayurveda is to promote and maintain health. According to ayurvedic knowledge, we can achieve this by aligning our daily lives with the cycles of nature and use the natural rhythm of time.

    Thousands of years ago, ayurvedic scholars determined in their writings what constitutes a healthy daily routine (dinacharya) and why it is so important for our well-being. Continue reading

  • Daily routine in Ayurveda

    Wichtigstes Ziel des Ayurveda ist es, Gesundheit zu fördern und zu erhalten. Dies gelingt uns gemäß ayurvedischem Verständnis vor allem dann, wenn wir unseren Alltag an die Zyklen der Natur anpassen und die natürlichen Rhythmen der Zeit nutzen.

    Schon vor Jahrtausenden haben ayurvedische Gelehrte in ihren Schriften niedergelegt, was einen gesunden Tagesablauf ausmacht und warum „Dinacharya“, die Tagesroutine, so wichtig für unser Wohlbefinden ist. Continue reading

  • Yoga – Benefit for Body and Soul

    Yoga – Benefit for Body and Soul

    Yoga is "trendy".

    Everyone is doing yoga – are you?

    Yoga is still one of the fastest growing health trends.

    Three hundred million people practice yoga worldwide – and this trend is growing.

    In Japan alone, the number of people practising yoga has increased by 413% in the last 5 years. Continue reading

  • Healthy Feet – Healthy Body

    Healthy feet - healthy body


    Do you care for your feet?

    “Of course” will most probably be your first thought.

    But what exactly does “foot care” entail – and what tips can Ayurveda offer for beautiful, cared for feet?

    Foot care is much more than what we refer to as “pedicure”, i.e. soaking feet in warm water, cutting toe nails, removing hard skin, a cosmetic foot treatment and a coat of nail polish. Continue reading

  • Free tickets for the Happinez Festival

    Happinez Festival


    From 10-12 May, the mindstyle magazine “Happinez” is holding its popular Happinez Festival for the 5th time – this time at the TAETZ in Zaandam near Amsterdam. The organisers are expecting a new record of around 11,000 visitors at this year’s festival focusing on happiness and wellbeing. Continue reading

  • Vaidya on Tour

    Vaidya on Tour


    We are pleased to offer you again an exclusive Ayurveda consultation and individual, authentic Ayurveda pulse diagnosis with a leading Indian Ayurveda expert. With Vaidya Prathmesh Vyas, an Indian ayurvedic scholar in fifth-generation and graduate of the Ayurveda Universities Nagpur and Rajasthan. With Vaidya Vyas we could recruit a very experienced specialist in the ayurvedic pulse diagnosis "Nadi Vigyan". Continue reading

  • Allergies from an ayurvedic point of view


    Spring is approaching ... With the beginning of the new season many changes are taking place in nature. Are you already looking forward to flowering meadows and sweet scents or are you horrified at the thought of contact with nature, Pollen & Co., because you are allergic and fear hay fever, watery and itchy eyes, swollen mucous membranes or even shortness of breath and bronchitis? One in three people are affected by an allergy in the course of their life – in mild or severe form. Continue reading

  • Healthy Aging – Seven Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

    Healthy Aging


    Scientists estimate that, under optimal conditions, we can live for up to 120 years of age. There are several things that we can do to live longer and to safeguard our health so that we can remain active in our later years and keep our spirit alive.

    The American preventive medicine physician and scientist Dr. Robert Schneider has been tracking healthy aging for decades. Continue reading

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