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  • Ayurveda for women – The best tips for all phases of life

    Ayurveda for women   
    A woman’s body experiences challenges at different stages in life – from menstrual cycles through to pregnancy and menopause – those hormonal influences can be more than a little stressful.

    How can Ayurveda help women enjoy their womanhood freely and fully and to experience optimism, wellbeing, serenity and zest for life throughout all phases of life? Continue reading

  • Minerals – in Good Hands with Ayurveda

    YouTube-Webinar: Minerals - In good hands with Ayurveda

    Iron, calcium & Co

    Do you know? What exactly are minerals? Why are they important, and what are they good for? What can you do to make sure that you are getting the right amount of these nutrients? Which foods contain minerals, what minerals are described in Ayurveda – and what is their natural origin? Why is the processing of minerals as you see it described in such great detail in ayurvedic texts so important and elaborate? In this article we will take a closer look at all this and much more. Continue reading 

  • Beautiful, Radiant and Healthy Skin with Ayurveda

    Beautiful, radiant and healthy skin with Ayurveda

    Our complexion can tell a lot about us, about our emotions and our health. Whether we are living in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, whether we are successful in balancing work and rest, and whether we suffer from chronic stress — all this is reflected in our skin.

    We will share with you what Ayurveda believes is the secret of healthy skin, and what you yourself can do to have radiantly beautiful skin. Continue reading

  • Moving with Joy – Ayurveda for Bones & Joints

    Moving with joy

    Bones & Joints accordig to Ayurveda

    Ayurveda distinguishes seven body tissues, the so-called dhatus. One of these is the bone tissue, the asthi dhatu, which gives our body structure, stability, and strength.

    To have strong and resilient bones we must have a well-balanced digestive fire (agni). This digestive fire ensures that we effectively absorb and utilise calcium and phosphorus – both essential nutrients for our bones. Continue reading

  • Ayurveda: Your Companion in Turbulent Times

    Ayurveda: Your Companion in Turbulent Times

    Developing New Potential Now

    Everything is different this year. How are you doing in this time of unprecedented challenge?

    More than ever before we are starting to realise how much we’ve been taking for granted in life: travelling, culture, restaurants, movie theatres, moving around freely in public, hugging, chatting with neighbours — in short, everything that makes up our daily life and our social connectedness.

    We are appreciating all of this so much more now.

    Many people are starting to develop a new sense of togetherness; the support they give each other provides stability, they report. Many are coming up with new creative ideas and solutions.

    We are most creative when we are calm and relaxed because our brain works better in that state. We all know this, and science confirms this. So, how can we manage to keep calm even in times of crisis?

    Continue reading
  • Reaching your Feel-Good Weight with Ayurveda

    Reaching your feel-good weight with ayurveda

    Are you also one among those people who suffer from excess pounds and find it difficult to reach or maintain their feel-good weight? Then you are not alone!

    The best way to leave failed diets and the yo-yo effect behind is to get a natural body feeling (back) and thereby bring the weight back into balance. We will show you how ayurvedic knowledge, tried and tested for thousands of years, can help you to reach and maintain your personal feel-good weight. Continue reading

  • “Abhyanga” – the secret of ayurvedic oil massage

    Oil massage

    There is a reason why the Abhyanga oil self-massage has been an integral part of the ayurvedic daily morning routine for thousands of years. The whole-body massage with warm, cured sesame oil is not only the epitome of relaxation, it also strengthens the immune system and has a purifying and liberating effect on body and mind. Continue reading

  • Gift Ideas That Will Bring Joy

    Gift ideas

    Are you still looking for the right gift for your loved ones? This blog will give you plenty of suggestions from the world of Ayurveda – for relaxing, pampering, and for simply being happy. Continue reading

  • Healthy Feet – Healthy Body

    Healthy feet - healthy body


    Do you care for your feet?

    “Of course” will most probably be your first thought.

    But what exactly does “foot care” entail – and what tips can Ayurveda offer for beautiful, cared for feet?

    Foot care is much more than what we refer to as “pedicure”, i.e. soaking feet in warm water, cutting toe nails, removing hard skin, a cosmetic foot treatment and a coat of nail polish. Continue reading

  • Free tickets for the Happinez Festival

    Happinez Festival


    From 10-12 May, the mindstyle magazine “Happinez” is holding its popular Happinez Festival for the 5th time – this time at the TAETZ in Zaandam near Amsterdam. The organisers are expecting a new record of around 11,000 visitors at this year’s festival focusing on happiness and wellbeing. Continue reading

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