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  • German actor Gottfried Vollmer about Ayurveda

    Gottfried Vollmer, an actor well-known in Germany from his roles in cinema and TV (‘Tatort’, ‘Alarm for Cobra 11’), came across Ayurveda (‘the science of (long) life’) in 1987 and studied it in its country of origin, India.

    A graduate of the largest art school in Europe (Berlin University of Arts), he heard through acquaintances of an Ayurveda ‘pioneer’ course in India and was curious. At that time Ayurveda was not yet known in Europe—it was still considered an ‘insider tip’.

    Gottfried Vollmer Gottfried Vollmer

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  • Ayurveda Cooking Event: "Mood barometer on Happy"


    “Just ‘let it happen’”, said Jeanette Augusto to herself on her way to see Frank Lotz in Westfalia, Germany. “I’m in a good mood, get along with anyone and anything so to speak, and it will be super”. The state-certified gymnastics teacher and yoga instructor was drawn at the last MAP lottery. The prize: cooking and eating a meal together with Ayurvedic chef Frank Lotz. The original winner, Tanja Beratz, was unable to redeem her prize due to her pregnancy.

    When she won, Jeanette Augusto felt "pure joy. From the bottom of my heart, I just felt happy! My thoughts were coming direct from my hear. " Together with her mother Anne, and girlfriend Sonka, they travelled at the end of May to this wonderful Ayurvedic cooking event.

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  • Nutritional tips for your dosha type


    How can we enjoy every meal without restriction, thus feel good and happy– and just through this achieve normal weight? According to Ayurveda the key to this is in choosing the right foods and spices. Below we present you the main recommendations for each individual type.

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  • Raffle: Win a free pass to the 2015 AyurvedaCongress


    Entry deadline was 28/02/2015.

    We at Maharishi AyurvedaProducts Europe invite you to come to the "International Ayurveda Congress" on April 11 and 12 in Roermond, the Netherlands. Let us advise you regarding the many interesting lectures.

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  • International Ayurveda Congress 2015 - Be there!

    Kongress   Congress_News_right_EN

    Which kind of science-based solutions does Ayurveda offer for the health care problems of our time? How does Ayurveda complement the public health system? How can we stop the exploding costs of health care?

    These and many other questions are discussed by leading Ayurvedic doctors and researchers at the International Ayurveda Congress 2015 – the largest in the Western world. From 11 to 12 April in Roermond, the Netherlands. Sign up and receive valuable first-hand information.

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  • Win an Ayurvedic home cooking event!

    Entry deadline was 31/12/2014.

    Treat yourself and your friends! Enter our competition and see if you are lucky enough to win an exceptional day of Ayurvedic delights.

    The well-known Ayurvedic chef Frank Lotz, author of the book "Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda", will come to your home! He will bring all the ingredients and utensils necessary for the preparation of a delicious Ayurvedic main menu, which he will freshly prepare with you in your own kitchen. Continue reading

  • Vaidya Tours Germany: Your opportunity for a personal Ayurvedic consultation

    Vaidya_Saurabh_Blog pulse diagnosis_Blog

    Vaidya Dr. Saurabh Sharma, graduate of the University of Rajasthan, will be availabe for consultations during his upcoming tour of Germany. A consultation includes an exclusive Ayurvedic counseling and individual, authentic pulse diagnosis.

    Use this exceptional opportunity to learn all about your personal Ayurvedic constitutional type and possible imbalances in the body.

    Dates: Hamburg: Saturday, November 08 to Monday, November 10 Frankfurt: Friday, November 14 to Saturday, November 15 Cologne: Friday, November 21 to Sunday, November 23

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  • Exclusively for MAP customers: Ayurvedic treatments at special prices

    Stirnguss_Blog Kunde: Ayurveda Klinik Bad Ems

    Authentic Ayurvedic treatment at the highest level-without travel stress, in the middle of Germany is being offered by the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic, Bad Ems, Europe's leading Ayurvedic Clinic. Enjoy uniquely relaxing massages and original quality applications, carried out as described in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Exclusively for our customers, Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic gives a ten percent discount on all Ayurvedic treatments from 15 October to 19 December 2014. Continue reading

  • New Ayurveda tip: The Power of Scents


    According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the key to health lies with the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If they are in their natural, individual balanced state, we feel good, efficient, and are very healthy. Maharishi Ayurveda, however, records different therapies to balance the doshas, if they ever become unbalanced..

    Some of these therapies directly use our five senses, for example, music and sound therapy (hearing), massage and Abhyanga (sense of touch), color and light therapy (sense of sight) or Ayurvedic dietetics (sense of taste). According to Maharishi Ayurveda we can also balance the doshas via the sense of smell, using the incredible energy of fragrances.

    Click here for complete article: "Aromatic Gifts of Nature – the Power of Scents"

  • MERU Concert Sunday, July 13, 2014

    MERU-Konzert 2014

    Enjoy the perfect sounds of nature in a unique concert experience. For the fifth year, MERU Vlodrop presents a summer concert of Gandharva Veda music,. This tradition of music was developed more than 4000 years ago from natural sounds and rhythms.

    Maharishi Gandharva Veda is more than just music: it is the sounds of nature, expressed in wonderfully relaxing melodies by great masters. This music is successfully used for healing in Vedic sound and music therapy. Continue reading

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