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Gift Ideas That Will Bring Joy

Gift ideas

Are you still looking for the right gift for your loved ones? This blog will give you plenty of suggestions from the world of Ayurveda – for relaxing, pampering, and for simply being happy.

Fine natural cosmetic for pampering

Our natural cosmetic products are truly special gifts: Original ayurvedic natural cosmetics with pure water from the Himalayas. Subtle fragrances, gentle care – all in BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL-certified premium quality. Who could resist?

Care creams

Personalize your gift – natural face care for every dosha type

In the winter time, when the cold outside and the dry heating air inside are particularly straining on your skin, you should use an intensely nurturing face cream – ideally the one individually suited to your respective skin or dosha type.

Here is your choice:

Delight your loved ones with exquisite compositions of original ayurvedic herbal extracts with moisturising aloe vera, natural vitamin E, nourishing shea butter and enticing natural scents. A unique pampering program for delicate facial skin.

Dermatologically tested for allergies.

Holistic Facial Care Oil – Radiant Skin Oil

Radiant Skin Oil

Delight your relatives and friends with this unique face care oil containing the subtle, sweet scent of lavender, lemongrass and rose geranium. Exceptionally rich, it nourishes the skin with pure almond, wheat germ and sandalwood oils and supports its revitalisation. Especially those with sensitive skin will thank you for this gift.

Tip: Radiant Skin Oil is especially suitable as anti-eye wrinkle oil for the delicate skin around the eye.

Certified Natural Cosmetic. BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL certified.

Skin TonicSkin Tonic – also as a premium aftershave for Him

With this ayurvedic facial water you are choosing a wonderfully refreshing, toning and moisturising facial tonic for Her – or a unique aftershave for Him. It contains pure water from the Himalayas, aloe vera and extracts of witch hazel, sandalwood, Indian madder, and reed, as well as pure essential lemongrass oil. Lively fresh scent. A very special gift from the world of Ayurveda.

Dermatologically tested for allergies. Certified Natural Cosmetic, BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL-certified.

Body care products for the current Vata season

With Vata Shower Gel and Vata Body Lotion you are giving someone the perfect combination for daily body care during the winter Vata season.

Vata Shower Gel
  • Vata Shower Gel (CNC) – for gentle cleansing and the feeling of wonderfully nourished skin. Calming, regenerating and refreshing. With original ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha and jasmine, as well as pure essential lemon and geranium oils. Certified Natural Cosmetic, BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL-certified.
Vata Body lotion
  • Vata Body Lotion – nourishes and cares for normal to dry skin and delights with its fruity-fresh fragrance of pure essential orange oil. With this velvety soft body lotion you are giving your loved ones a fine composition of pure water from the Himalayas, exquisite ayurvedic herbs, moisturising aloe vera, precious almond oil, natural vitamin E and nourishing shea butter. Dermatologically tested for allergies. BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL certified.

Royal Massage Oils for Women and Men (CNC)

Delight the senses of your loved ones with the exclusive “Maharani” and “Maharaja” massage oils.

The ayurvedic scriptures claim that “oil massages lead to a gentle, flexible, strong and attractive body.” Seducing all the senses, they are a truly royal gift for body and soul. Nothing could be more pleasant for your daily well-being.

Maharani Massage Oil – For Ladies Maharaja Massage Oil – For Men
Maharani Maharaja

Our tip: Along with the gift, tell them to watch our YouTube Video “Abhyanga – the secret of the ayurvedic oil massage”, with practical instructions.


Kaash bowl – for a unique massage experience

Kaash bowl

Are you looking for something a little different as a gift? Then the Kaash Massage Bowl is just the right thing!

This handcrafted massage bowl, which looks like a small singing bowl, makes your massage extraordinarily smooth and gentle. Ideal for a relaxing foot massage before going to bed. A wonderful feeling that you simply don’t want to miss out on any longer. With massage instructions.

Rasayanas – ayurvedic herbs and nutrients for health-conscious consumers

Our rasayanas are a gift of concentrated energy of high-quality Indian herbs and fruits, harvested by hand. These rasayanas are made according to traditional ayurvedic formulas based on thousands of years of health knowledge. Premium supplements, pure and tested for high quality.

Amrit KalashMaharishi Amrit Kalash – The most famous rasayana in Ayurveda

The ancient ayurvedic scriptures praise the “Nectar of Immortality” and call it “Amrita.”
With Maharishi Amrit Kalash you are giving your loved ones a unique rasayana: 42 handpicked ingredients and more than 250 production steps are necessary to produce one kilogram of this unique product from 22 kilograms of fruits, herbs and spices.
Our tip: To start, give Maharishi Amrit Kalash as a paste (MA 4) or as sugar-free tablets (MA 4 T) or, better still, in an all-in-one gift package containing MA 4 and MA 5.

Vata BalanceVata-Balance – an ayurvedic treasure

Vata-Balance is a true ayurvedic treasure. It even contains powdered pearls as an ingredient!

In tune with the winter Vata season, Vata-Balance balances an increase in Vata dosha. In Ayurveda typical signs of excess Vata are nervousness, low resilience, problems falling asleep and irregular appetite.

Raja's cup powder

Healthy treat – the ayurvedic alternative to coffee

Whether you’re preparing your own holiday feast or need ideas for a holiday gift: consider our caffeine-free Raja's Cup with its full-bodied flavour. Enjoyed as a coffee, cappuccino or espresso, Raja’s Cup offers the perfect stomach-friendly alternative to coffee.

We show you on our website how you can prepare different Raja’s Cup specialties and even bake small Raja’s Cup cookies.

What many long for: time to relax

The fragrance of life – nature’s essential gifts

Natural aroma oils are not only for those who love fine scents, but also for anyone looking for calm and relaxation. Scents affect the way we feel. They awaken memories, can calm and soothe us.

Aroma stone

In any case the Vata aroma oil is ideal for the current Vata season. With its essential oils of sweet orange, basil and fennel it is the perfect aroma oil for cosy winter evenings.

Our elegant aroma stone in the shape of a rose is a particularly popular gift. Just a few drops of aroma oil on the stone are enough to transform any room into a fragrant paradise.

If you are looking for a truly unique gift, you should also select an aroma oil suited to the recipient's dosha type, or Nidra for gentle nights.

Our handmade sandalwood incense sticks also promise relaxation for all your senses. With their pure aroma oils, the incense sticks exude a soft, pleasant fragrance and create a relaxing atmosphere. A wonderful relief for stressed souls.

Soothing sounds for relaxing evenings

Nowadays many people are looking for peace and relaxation. The soft sounds of Maharishi Gandharva music neutralise tension while promoting harmony, peace and balance. They are ideal for bringing the day to a close and for being in tune with yourself and nature.

Our suggested listening for evening relaxation (7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.):

Literature for more energy

Book "In Balance leben"

Do your friends and relatives ever wish they had “more energy”? Then the book “Living in Balance: How we can best use our energy” is a perfect gift for them.

Those who continuously use more energy than they store will eventually feel exhausted, depleted and unmotivated. In this entertaining book, Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer, chairman of the German Society for Ayurveda, explains how we can use Ayurveda’s millennia-old healing knowledge and learn how to “manage” our energy more successfully in six steps. An exciting book and ideal gift – not only for book and Ayurveda lovers. (Available in German)


Did anything pique your interest? Upon request, we can also send the present gift-wrapped directly to your loved ones!


Enjoy giving gifts, and have a happy and healthy time.
Your Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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